HealthyKids for Professionals is a website featuring tools, education and resources to support health professionals identify and manage children above a healthy weight. This project is phase one of the clinical roll out in support of the NSW Premier’s priority to reduce childhood overweight and obesity.


The website is designed to support all health professionals to:

  • Assess - identify children above a healthy weight
  • Advise - raise the issue, and have a brief discussion using key messages
  • Assist - provide further information and support, and

Arrange - follow-up or referral as appropriate.




The website contains:

  • Colour-coded BMI-for-age charts for boys and girls, along with an animation showing how to use the charts
  • 8 for a healthy weight (key messages)
  • An online weight status calculator for children and teenagers
  • Refreshed online training modules (Weight4Kids)
  • Healthy habits fact sheet, posters and conversation starters
  • Videos, including a healthy supermarket shopping tour
  • Referral links and forms.

 All resources are freely available for local download.