Louise A. Baur




Louise Baur is the Professor of Child & Adolescent Health at the University of Sydney and Head of Children’s Hospital Westmead Clinical School, University of Sydney. She also has a conjoint position in the Sydney School of Public Health. In addition, Louise is a consultant paediatrician at the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network where she is an active member – and former Head - of Weight Management Services, a multidisciplinary clinical service for children and adolescents with obesity.


In 2014 Louise became a Founding Fellow of the Australian Academy of Health & Medical Sciences, Australia’s newest learned Academy; she is a member of the Academy’s Council. In 2010 Louise was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) “for service to medicine, particularly in the field of paediatric obesity as a researcher and academic, and to the community through support for a range of children’s charities”.


Research Interests

Louise Baur has made research contributions to the prevention of obesity; the impact of food marketing to children; the antecedents of obesity and the metabolic syndrome in young people; the complications of obesity; the management of obesity and related disorders in a variety of clinical settings; and the measurement of body composition, dietary intake & physical activity in young people.


She has published extensively in many of these areas, and is a co-author of the Healthy Beginnings Trial, one of the included studies in Stream 1’s work-plan. She has an H-index (Google Scholar) of 66 (see: https://scholar.google.com.au/citations?user=qiG4KbwAAAAJ&hl=en).


Role in the Centre of Research Excellence in the Early Prevention of Obesity in Childhood (EPOCH CRE)

Louise Baur is the Director of the CRE and will contribute to the work of each of the four Streams of work.























Kylie Hesketh

BBSc (Hons), PhD



Kylie Hesketh is a Professor at Deakin University’s Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition. She holds an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship. This fellowship focuses on providing children with a healthy start to life through the promotion of obesity-preventive behaviours, primarily the promotion of physical activity and reduction of sedentary behaviours during early childhood.


Research Interests

Kylie Hesketh’s research centres on epidemiological investigation of paediatric health behaviours and public health approaches to the promotion of children’s physical activity, reduced sedentary behaviours, and prevention of obesity. She has a particular focus on early childhood (0-5 years of age) and the development of interventions with real-world public health utility. She has published widely in these areas and has an H-index (Google Scholar) of 56 (see: http://scholar.google.com.au/citations?hl=en&user=IbnOAToAAAAJ). Kylie co-leads the Melbourne Infant Feeding, Activity and Nutrition Trial (InFANT) Program, one of the included studies in Stream 1’s work-plan and Stream 4’s work-plan.


Role in the Centre of Research Excellence in the Early Prevention of Obesity in Childhood (EPOCH CRE)

Kylie Hesketh is the Deputy Director of the CRE and is a Chief Investigator  and will contribute to the work of Streams 1 (Analysing intervention trials), 2 (Assessment of obesity-related behaviours) and 4 (Translation into policy and practice).





Konsita Kuswara

BMed.Sci., MND, MPH, APD



Konsita Kuswara is currently completing her PhD at the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, Deakin University.  She is supported by Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarship.   Konsita has a background in dietetics and public health nutrition with experience working as a dietitian in primary health care settings.     


Research Interests

Konsita’s PhD focuses on understanding the breastfeeding practices and determinants of Chinese Australian mothers.  She has a strong interest on public health measures on early prevention of childhood obesity among immigrant communities in Australia.  


Role in the Centre of Research Excellence in the Early Prevention of Obesity in Childhood (EPOCH CRE)

Konsita is the Research Translation Co-ordinator of the CRE and assists with knowledge translation and dissemination activities to all stakeholders. 

Cathie Kiernan

Cathie is the Administrative Officer of The Centre of Research Excellence in the Early Prevention of Obesity in Childhood (EPOCH) providing administrative support to Louise Baur and other members of the EPOCH CRE Investigators.