Welcome to Li Kheng Chai

Li Kheng Chai is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and a Research Fellow at Queensland University of Technology (EPOCH Stream 2) and Children's Health Queensland. She also holds a number of editorial/committee positions in scientific bodies, including serving as the Social Media Editor of European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and Committee of ISBNPA Network of Early career researchers and Students (NESI).  Li is a strong advocate for children's health and nutrition. Her research focuses on using technology to develop, deliver and evaluate nutrition and lifestyle interventions to improve children's health and diet quality, and to prevent and manage obesity in children.


Currently, Australian public health services for personalised childhood obesity treatment have limited geographical reach and particularly restrictive for rural families who are usually required to travel to services located in major metropolitan areas. Li's PhD explored the use an innovative clinical telehealth intervention to improve children's weight and dietary behaviour outcomes and aimed to answer clinical research questions by providing solutions to extensive clinical waiting lists. The Telehealth weight management intervention model was pilot tested in families and has shown positive impacts in child nutrition status and family eating habits, without needing extra parental leaves, kids' absence in school, or family travelling to contemporary outpatient clinics. Li's research has formed collaborations between academics and hospital-based clinicians to explore the use of innovative clinical telehealth and text messaging for child nutrition and weight management intervention. Her research offers a scalable approach to the issue of obesity which affects the health of many Australians and has the potential to increase cost-effectiveness of public health system.


Growing up in a multicultural country, Malaysia, Li is fluent in 5 languages which adds to her strengths in fostering international research collaborations, which also leads to her role as a member of an international systematic review working group (DiET-CO Consortium) consisting of International Experts from Australia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, and Hong Kong. Li has remarkable communication and presentation skills and has received a number of guest speaking invitations at seminars and workshops, one of which is accessible online: Covidence Workshop.


Li enjoys connecting with researchers worldwide. Say hello to her @MsLiChai on Twitter!