Public Health Research & Practice - Volume 29, Issue 1, 2019.

Childhood overweight and obesity: evidence, prevention and response

Extract from Public Health Research & Practice newsletter below (Vol 29, Issue 1, 2019)


In this edition of Public Health Research & Practice, we look at how health practitioners, policy makers and researchers can respond to the global issue of childhood overweight and obesity. The papers in this issue show that it is a complex problem, which requires a comprehensive, society-wide response strong enough to overcome powerful commercial and vested interests.   

An article by Bauman et al. examines global trends relating to child obesity and contends that although there have been policy responses designed to address the problem, political action lags well behind what is needed. Promising initiatives are underway however, as shown by Innes-Hughes et al., who reflect on the progress of the NSW Healthy Children Initiative, and Love et al., who describe how the Victorian Infant Program highlights the value of a translational research process. 

This issue also includes two papers focusing on the Health Star Rating system – one that reports on its progress in influencing consumer behaviour and another that makes recommendations on reforming the system, based on a nutrition-science perspective. We also present a non-themed paper examining the usability of Australia's national bowel screening kit among migrant communities.

See below for all the articles in this issue – I hope they inspire you, provoke debate and are useful in your work.

Nyssa Skilton, Editor