Professor Louise Baur appointed President-Elect of World Obesity Federation

We are excited to announce that Professor Louise Baur, EPOCH CRE director, has recently been appointed as President-Elect of World Obesity Federation (WOF).  Congratulations Louise!


World Obesity Federation is a membership organisation representing a global community of professionals and patients who are committed to ensuring that obesity is recognised as a disease and treated as such. There are over 60 member countries, with growing involvement of low and middle income countries and regions as there is rising awareness that obesity is a racial, equity and gender issue in many, many countries.


The WOF has five main priority areas:

  • Obesity as a disease
  • Commercial determinants of obesity
  • Childhood obesity
  • Obesity in Universal Health Coverage
  • Weight stigma


Louise is very excited to provide leadership for the WOF at this time as there are lots of opportunities and responsibilities around advocacy for, and leadership in, the prevention of obesity and related NCDs, including advocacy for access to high quality treatment for people affected by obesity; provision of education to a range of health professionals; developing and growing a network of obesity professionals (senior and junior) world-wide; working with people with lived experience around advocacy and de-stigmatisation.


The WOF has strong engagement with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and much more.


Please join us in congratulating Louise on this appointment which is a well-deserved recognition of her contributions and advocacy in obesity prevention.


To find out more about WOF, please see