NEWS - New Collaboration for Enhanced Research Impact (CERI)

Established in June 2020, this novel initiative brings together some of Australia�s leading prevention researchers to develop shared narratives, work together to translate new knowledge, and support early- to mid-career researchers across all member institutions. 


EPOCH CRE director, Professor Louise Baur, is part of the CERI Steering Group who will oversee the multi-centre collaboration to enhance the impact, profile and value-add of prevention research in Australia.    


The uptake of prevention research into policy and practice is important for evidence-informed decision making and reducing research waste.  However, it is not clear how public health prevention research can be translated more effectively and efficiently into policy and practice.   

The CERI collaboration aims to adopt a streamlined approach to finding the policy and practice implications of prevention research conducted by participating centres and working with policy and practice partners to enhance research impact.  Find out more here.