NEWS - Healthy Beginnings team wins MRFF grant to bring the program online

Congratulations to Associate Professor Li Ming Wen, Professor Louise Baur and Dr Sarah Taki who were awarded $670,000 from the Medical Future Research Fund (MRFF).


The funding will enable the development and evaluation of an interactive web-based Healthy Beginning program for preventing obesity in the first year of life.  This project is timely given the COVID-19 pandemic and the growing importance of integrating telehealth into existing health service.   


The web-based Healthy Beginnings program uses the Self Determination Theory to promote end-users' sustained engagement, motivation and wellbeing.   Healthy Beginnings is an early family-focused intervention addressing the prevention of overweight and obesity in early childhood by supporting parents to achieve good nutrition and active play for their baby.  Find out more about Healthy Beginnings here.