National Obesity Strategy Submission

EPOCH Centre for Research Excellence (CRE) submitted feedback on the national obesity strategy stating the need to prioritise systemic and environmental factors in tackling the obesity epidemic in Australia.  Evidence from the EPOCH collaboration trials provided key evidence for early childhood obesity prevention.  


The first ever national obesity strategy in Australia was out for consultation in late 2019.  This is an important step towards a political commitment and coordinated efforts in tackling Australia's obesity epidemic. 

EPOCH CRE postdoctoral fellow Dr Penny Love led a submission on the strategy document emphasising the overarching importance to address environmental and systemic factors above individual and behavioural factors.  Specifically, the CRE would like to see a greater priority on ensuring a healthy and resilient food system as a foundation in which other strategies are built upon.    

Additionally, the EPOCH collaboration of early childhood obesity prevention trials provides key evidence informing strategies to support healthy weight from infancy and prevent the early development of childhood obesity. 

The submission also pointed to the importance of providing culturally appropriate interventions to vulnerable groups such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and culturally and linguistically diverse population groups.  

We now await the report summarising the key themes and ideas from all the consultations and a refining of the strategy in late 2020.  Updates can be found here