ISBNPA Highlights from Dot Zarnowiecki

In June 2019 I attended the Annual Meeting of the International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity in Prague, Czech Republic. I presented results of a cognitive interviewing study I have undertaken to understand how parents approach answering questionnaires about their young children’s dietary intake. This work identified that the recall strategies and memory prompts parents use are different for core food groups (i.e. vegetables, grains, meat) and unhealthy foods. Parents were also found to be most likely to estimate their responses rather than counting instances of their child’s intake. This work has informed how the design of dietary assessment questions can be improved to make them easier for parents to answer. A highlight of the conference was attending a workshop about techniques to tailor obesity risk assessment tools to target audiences, which emphasized the importance of the rigorous development process we are undertaking in the development of our short tool measuring obesity risk behaviours in young children. This workshop provided insights about considerations to ensure that our tool is appropriate for end-users from a range of settings, literacy levels, socioeconomic, language and cultural backgrounds, which will be applied in the final development and testing stages of the EPOCH Stream 2 short tool.


Photo: EPOCH EMCR’s Brittany Johnson,

Chelsea Mauch and Dorota Zarnowiecki, with

Dr Lauren Au (University of California) and

Dr Kacie Dickinson (Flinders University) at ISBNPA