ISBNPA highlights – Chelsea Mauch

At ISBNPA 2019, I presented work conducted as part of my PhD project, titled ‘Family resource drivers of unhealthy food intake in Australian toddlers’. My work explored the relationship between physical family resources, such as time (in the form of parental work hours) and money, and young children’s discretionary food intake. Attending sessions with a focus on families and children, I noticed an emerging theme regarding fathers as key influencers of children’s dietary intake and other weight-related behaviours. This supported the inclusion of both mothers and fathers working hours in my work exploring time as a key family resource. As the remainder of my project is focussed on mHealth, I also attended a range of mHealth related presentations, symposiums and workshops, including the ‘Big ideas event’ exploring eHealth approaches to better health in young people, and the symposium ‘Defining “success” in digital health behaviour solutions: Academic vs industry perspectives’. A common thread through these sessions was the need for researchers to engage with industry to develop digital health solutions that are relevant and engaging to commercial users.