International Union of Health Promotion and Education – Rotorua, New Zealand, April 7-11, 2019

CRE EPOCH colleagues Professor Li Ming Wen, Dr Sarah Taki, Ms Sarah Marshall and Dr Seema Mihrshahi attended the IUHPE World Health Promotion Conference. 


The 5-day forum included approximately 3000 delegates from across the globe working in various aspects of health promotion, the diversity and breadth of the program was extensive. The most inspiring aspect of the event was the way that the Maori culture that was threaded through the conference. The collective input into the first indigenous legacy statement is testament to the focus on Maori and first nations people.

CRE-EPOCH presentations at the IUHPE included a symposium on “Barriers and facilitators in developing and using mobile apps for dietary interventions for early childhood” by Sarah Taki and Li Ming Wen and a presentation on “Exploring early obesity prevention practices among culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Sydney, Australia: perspectives from healthcare professionals” by Sarah Marshall.